How TubeBuddy A/B Testing Can Skyrocket Your YT Channel

How A/B Testing Increased My Revenue By 320%.

With A/B Testing at TubeBuddy, you can upload 2 thumbnails for your Youtube video and TubeBuddy will show them every other day on autopilot and show you which thumbnail is performing better.

So I did this with a video where I show people how to make a website. In that video, I promoted a web hosting company. When people get web hosting through my affiliate link, I make money.

I got a few sales per month. The video was doing okay. When I started using the A/B Testing feature at TubeBuddy, I found out that adding a simple red line around my Thumbnail increased the click-through rate by 37%. That means that 37% more people were clicking on my video than before.

Maybe you think: How can this give you 320% more revenue when the increase is only 37%? Great question! When the Click Through Rate of A Video becomes higher, Youtube wants to share the video with more people, So because of the 37% increase in CTR (Click ThroghRate) I did not just get 37% more visitors, but I got 400% more visitors to my Youtube Channel.


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